Undergraduate Courses at the University of Southern California

2015 (Fall)
Instructor, Political Analysis (POSC 311)
The undergraduate methods course at USC, this class introduces students to the goals of social science research design and methodology. The students learn different methods of research design including survey experiments, as well as basic statistical procedures including means testing, ANOVA, and regression analysis.

2015 (Spring), 2016 (Spring)
Instructor, Political Attitudes and Behavior (POSC 424)
The class looks at basic influences on attitude development, including social influences and the media. I then focus on how attitudes translate into predictable political behavior.

Undergraduate Courses at Stanford University

2011, 2012 (Spring)
Teaching Assistant, Iran, Islam and the West (POLISCI 149S)
While the class instructor created the syllabus, the discussion sections ran parallel to the class, enhancing the lectures, but not directly connecting to them. In this course, I gave a brief history of the development of Islam and then examined the interactions of the West and Islam in Iran.

2010 (Spring)
Teaching Assistant, Islam and the West (POLISCI 149S))
Similarly, in this course the discussion sections enhanced the lectures, but not directly connect to them. The focus in this version of the course was on the historical development of Islam as a religion and a political entity. For most of the course we examined the intersections of the West in predominately Islamic states. I also gave a guest lecture on the interactions of Muslims in Europe, covering both the history of the Muslim migration into present-day Europe and the difficulties encountered there.