Research Assistant Professor
Institute for Policy Research
Political Sciencce (by courtesy)
Northwestern Univeristy

Curriculum Vitae

I study political behavior and communication and broadly examine how elite communication influences voter opinions of candidates and political policies. In particular, my work focuses on how messaging polarizes attitudes or can bridge attitudinal divides with substantive focuses on important topics in American politics ranging from gun control to human trafficking and immigration. I incorporate a range of quantitative methods including experiments and text analysis.

Currently, I am a Research Assistant Professor at the Institute for Policy Research at Northwestern University. I graduated from Stanford University's Political Science Department in 2015. Prior to my arrival in California, I graduated from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology with bachelor's degrees in Political Science and Biology. I was born and raised in Montana, and I still enjoy the love for the outdoors I developed there, even if it is now the beach that I now enjoy, instead of the mountains.